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Malaysia Post Customer Care:-

Telephone Number: 1-300-300-300 (Domestic), 603-7626-1900 (Overseas)
E-mail Address:
FAX No: 603-7628-0082

About Malaysia Post:-

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The ecommerce shipper should arrive at an suitable balance between the acceptable settlement which might be incurred throughout the travel and the prices levied on further packaging. The ratio is dependent upon the worth of the merchandise being sent, the value of the repeat business of this ecommerce industry and also the feasibility of delivering a replacement if excess harm is incurred. The majority of the instances, excessive packaging might be warranted when the material is of excellent value to the client and has to be delivered on time with no scope for error.

The courier business will need to return the dispatch to you in the event the customer does’t require it, but courier businesses don’to transfer anything at no cost. This is only one of the chief reasons that lots of businesses have gone apart from sending anything COD.

The simple truth is that although imports become denied sometimes, many more are likely to be more approved than are likely to be denied. The company which it is possible to profit by providing COD as a delivery option to your clients is generally more than sufficient to compensate for any money you may need to spend on surcharges when goods are sent back to you personally.

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