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To track your YRC Freight, enter your PRO Number#.

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Tracking Help & Numbers

YRC Tracking Numbers

You can track your YRC freight by entering your PRO Number into our online tracking system.  By visiting the main YRC website, you can also search by any one of the following:

  • PRO Number
  • Bill of Lading
  • Purchase Order
  • Booking Number
  • Load Number


On the  main YRC website, you also have the ability to configure shipment status notifications by email.

Enter a specific pro number to set up E-Tracking notification and/or documentation request(s) for that shipment. Click Update to modify your profile to E-Track all your shipments.

PRO Number Notification Options

Select the notification option that best meets your needs. The options are:

  • When any status occurs: This option provides the most-comprehensive notification, advising you every time the shipment status changes from pickup to delivery.
  • When shipment is picked up: We send this notification after we pick up the shipment and enter it into our database.
  • When out for delivery: We send this notification when we’ve tendered the shipment for delivery. Because we send notifications only four times a day, the shipment may be delivered before you receive this notification.
  • If shipment is late: We will notify you the morning after the shipment due date if the shipment was not delivered. You will continue to receive notifications until we have delivered the shipment.
  • When shipment is delivered: We send this notification when the shipment has been updated to ‘delivered’ status in our system.
  • For delivery exceptions: We send this notification only if there was an exception at delivery. The e-mail will include the exception; for example, short, damaged, etc.

If you experience problems using our system, please click on the link below to track directly on the YRC website.

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Tracking Phone Number

For all customer service and tracking-related enquiries, call YRC direct on 1-800-610-6500.


365Tracking.net is only able to provide tracing and tracking services. Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the status of your courier delivery, we advise you to contact YRC directly.

About YRC

About YRC

  • YRC freight trackingSeamless transportation throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
  • Reliable two-day, three-day and coast-to-coast service, connecting key markets.
  • Expedited and guaranteed deliveries by ground or air with YRC Freight Time-CriticalTM service.
  • Guaranteed delivery windows. We can accommodate any time window—within a specific hour, on a specific day or across multiple days.
  • Dedicated protective services for a single shipment or an entire trailer.
  • Special project and logistics management with Custom Projects.
  • Transportation for volume shipments, tradeshow exhibits, cold-sensitive products, and product returns.
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