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To track your TNT International post, enter your TNT Consignment or Reference Number.

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Tracking Help & Numbers

TNT Tracking Numbers

To track your TNT International consignment, you must enter your unique consignment number into our tracking system. To find out if your shipment has been delivered, who signed for it and other tracking information just type in your TNT consignment number(s) or your own consignment reference(s), select the appropriate option and click on track

To track your consignment please enter the 9 digit consignment number, e.g. 123456781. If your consignment number appears more than once in the results field, you can use the letters as shown on your consignment note, e.g. GD123456781WW, to avoid duplicate results. Please note that international consignment numbers begin with the letters GD.

Yours should look something like this.

TNT tracking number format (international)

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If you experience problems using our system, please click on the link below to track directly on the TNT website.

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TNT Tracking Phone Number

For all international tracking enquiries, please contact UK customer service on 0800 100 600.

Disclaimer is only able to provide tracing and tracking services. Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the status of your courier delivery, we advise you to contact TNT directly.

About TNT

About TNT

TNT provides a number of international services:


9:00 Express
Guaranteed next day delivery before 9am to major cities in over 40 countries

10:00 Express
Guaranteed next day delivery before 10am to major cities in over 60 countries

12:00 Express
Guaranteed next day delivery to major cities in over 60 countries

Guaranteed next day delivery to most of Europe, and the fastest possible services to the rest of the world

12:00 Economy Express
Day-definite delivery before 12am for less urgent shipments, offering economical delivery to EU countries (2-4 days depending on destination) and the rest of Europe (2-6 days)

Economy Express
Day-definite scheduled delivery to Europe and the rest of the world

Import Service
Collection from more than 120 countries for delivery into the UK, including customs clearance and billing in pound sterling
Special Services

Time-critical Services
A range of national and international time-critical solutions offering the fastest possible route for deliveries within the UK and overseas – available 24/7/365.

  • National on-demand delivery
  • International on-demand delivery

Freight Services

We offer extensive import and export expertise in over 200 countries worldwide, giving you the flexibility to a range of worldwide freight services to meet your needs.

  • Airfreight
  • Roadfreight
  • Seafreight

Special Handling Services

Special transport and industry-specific solutions for shipments that require special handling by trained, experienced staff.

  • Special Projects
  • Fulfilment Services
  • Storapart
  • Delivery Plus

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