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To trace and track shipment, enter your FedEx Tracking, Doortag or Order Number.

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FedEx Tracking Numbers

FedEx Tracking Numbers

You are able to track the following FedEx services:

Track by Tracking Number

You can enter any combination of up to 30 FedEx Express®, FedEx Express® Freight, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery®, FedEx SmartPost®, FedEx Freight®, or FedEx Custom Critical® tracking numbers. Please ensure that you enter only one tracking number per line.

Track by Door Tag Number

Door tag numbers start with the letters “DT” followed by 12 numbers. If entering more than one door tag number, click on the underlined tracking number to get more details. You can enter any combination of up to 30 door tag tracking numbers at a time. Please ensure that you enter only one door tag per line.

Track by FedEx Office Order Number

You can enter up to 30 FedEx Office® order numbers at a time. Please ensure that you enter only one FedEx Office order number per line.

Note: FedEx Office orders are available in the U.S. only.

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Fedex Tracking Help

FedEx Tracking Help

Help is available depending upon your geographic location.  In order to contact the appropriate office, choose your country from the following link:

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US customers then need to choose their shipment type from the following list.

FedEx Express or FedEx Ground (for package, envelopes, or express freight)

Track by tracking number >>

Track by reference number >>

Track by email >>

FedEx Freight

Track by tracking number >>

Track by reference number >>

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Customers from other countries should follow the on-screen instructions.

We recommending consult Fedex’ FAQs for more information.


365 Tracking is only able to provide tracing and tracking services. Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the status of your courier delivery, we advise you to contact your regional FedEx office in the first instance.

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