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Enter Your BOL Tracking Number  [Our BOL (Bill of Lading) numbers consist of six or seven digits followed by AFF, HOT, SBAFF, RLAFF or RLHOT].

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AFF Tracking Help

AFF Tracking Help

Trace and trace your American Fast Freight shipment, parcel, cargo or consignment using your unique BOL (Bill of Lading) number provided by the company.

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Please note that only provides up to date tracking information as supplied by American Fast Freight.

In the event that you cannot trace your consignment, please contact the company directly.

About American Fast Freight

About American Fast Freight

AFF (American Fast Freight) tracking logoAmerican Fast Freight, Inc. (AFF) is a transportation and logistics company headquartered in Renton, Washington. AFF and its affiliated companies and divisions provide a wide range of ocean freight forwarding, trucking, project logistics and warehousing-distribution services. The core business is ocean freight consolidating and forwarding, specializing in the domestic Jones Act markets of Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico.

American Fast Freight operates a number of container freight stations throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam. Locations are Seattle-Tacoma, Oakland, and Long Beach. In Alaska, terminals are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Kenai-Soldotna. Hawaii operations are centered in our agent facility in Honolulu…

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