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              Company Profile公司簡介
              JiangSu HanGong Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd.
                     Jiangsu Hangong Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production, research and development and sales of CNC machinery and equipment. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the corporate values of “achieve employees, develop enterprises, serve customers and repay the society”. Mechanical equipment industry for decades!
                     The company's main: vertical machining center, Longmen machining center, gantry engraving and milling machine, drilling and attack center, engraving and milling machine, horizontal machining center, and other numerical control equipment. Reliable quality and fine workmanship! Has won the favor and praise of our customers.
                     Our philosophy is to create high production and use value for our customers with the long-term stability and reliability of the machine, and to improve production efficiency and ease of operation. The company's equipment is widely used in: automotive, aerospace, defense military, medical food machinery, rail transit, metal mold and other industries in the manufacturing field. Jiangsu Hangong CNC Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong after-sales manpower and sufficient spare parts inventory, and provides subtle consultation and training, as well as regular maintenance of the machine, allowing customers to maintain the machine life through maintenance.
                     The customer's needs are the meaning of our existence. We will continue to develop new models and regard customer satisfaction as the pursuit of Hangong! Hangong CNC Technology is willing to join hands with elites from all walks of life to develop and enhance value!