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365Tracking.net is only able to provide tracing and tracking services. Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the status of your shipping container, we advise you to contact Korea Marine Transport directly.

About Korea Marine Transport

About Korea Marine Transport

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KMTC’s top priority is to maintain punctual schedules. On top of that, in order to meet customer’s complicated needs, integrated marine computer service management system was developed and utilized throughout the whole network. Undoubtly, these lines of efforts were fully recognized in 2006 by the ‘Fairplay’,Great Britain’s reputated marine press, when it surveyed world liners’ punctuality in 23 different West/East, North/South routes consisting of 3,300 motor vessels. With unprecedented 91% of punctuality schedule maintenance, KMTC, received first place award. We tightly maintain vessel fleets’ operation conditions to it’s best performance, and all efforts are thrown to achieve most safe journeys. These efforts were crucial in obtaining two straight years of “No Casulties or Disasters at Work” despite the newly enforced government standards…

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