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365 Tracking is only able to provide tracing and tracking services. Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the status of your air cargo, we advise you to contact SATA directly.

About SATA

About SATA

Track and track your SATA cargo
Sixty years of flying across the Atlantic Ocean, and seventy years of history, have shaped the SATA Group. Over these years, and particularly in the last decade, the SATA Group has grown steadily, and enjoyed increasing success.
The SATA Group has come a long way from its origins in the 1940´s. Today over 1200 employees and associates contribute their expertise and commitment to the growth and development of the company.
The SATA Group grew from SATA EP to SATA SGPS, and in the process diversified its range of activities, becoming a more flexible and capable company, prepared for the challenges presented by current times. The five enterprises comprising the SATA Group include two airlines, two tour operators and an airfield management division.
The origins of the SATA Group go back to the year 1941 when the five founding members created the “Azorean Society for Air Travel Studies”, whose aim was to end the isolation of the islands. Like many other successful projects, the SATA Group was born of a simple idea. The founders believed that the strategic location, uniqueness and natural beauty of the nine Azorean islands provided sufficient motivation to create a strong, successful company. Over six decades have passed, and – despite the many difficulties encountered over the years, time has proven them right.
An ambitious project, the SATA Group took off on the 15th of June 1947, when a small Beechcraft aeroplane, symbolically named “Açor”, made the first commercial flight…

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